Trailer repair and rebuild services for any type of trailer.

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Trailer repair service

Lafayette’s Hitch & Trailer Specialists

Trailer Repair, Rebuild, Refurbish
Kantz Auto & Trailer Solutions can repair, rebuild and refurbish small trailers including livestock trailers, toy haulers, equipment trailers and  flatbed trailers.

Rebuild Flatbed Trailers
Specialize in refurbishing and rebuilding flatbed trailers by replacing decks, repairing deteriorated frames, and repainting to look and perform like new.

Repair Services
Our mechanics also repair all components of a trailer

  •     Suspensions
  •     Brakes
  •     Wiring
  •     Jacks
  •     Couplers

Custom Fabrication
Need special fabrication of a trailer part?  We will work with you to fabricate any trailer part you might need to repair your trailer.

Trailer Parts

At Kantz Auto & Trailer Solutions we also carry a wide range of trailer parts that allow us to quickly repair your trailer and get you back on the road.